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Working the Biz!

What You Need to Know About Becoming a Consultant

I am so excited you have stopped by with questions and curiosities about becoming a Paparazzi Consultant! This is such an exciting business, and an awesome opportunity to work for such a GREAT company! I have truly loved every minute of it!!

Before you make this decision, I want YOU to be well informed and know what this company would mean for you!!  So, to get started.. let me give you a little info:


Paparazzi is still a pretty new company. It was started in 2008 as a way for Misty Kirby to earn a little extra cash to be able to take her kids to Disney Land. Within 6 months her sister joined her in this company..and they have only been doing the consultant side of the business since only January of 2011. Just one year now.

Paparazzi is a great way to start a small business from your home. By becoming an Independent Consultant, YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS!!! You set your own hours, so you can work it as much, or as little as you want! The sky is the limit for those who are prepared and ready to take their business to the next level. The products are so FASHIONABLE, TRENDY, and AFFORDABLE, so they are easy to sell; and nothing has been more exciting than having women get excited about what YOU have to offer. This is a decision you will not regret!

Are you looking for a rewarding job without the sacrifice of punching a clock? Paparazzi Accessories, for me, has been a  great way to get out of the house and socialize more while also earning some extra income and meeting some wonderful people! Paparazzi has a very rewarding compensation plan as well. You earn 45% on each item you sell. Also, by creating a down line you will earn commissions up to 10% on your team sales, plus bonuses. What's not to love about that?!
Where to sell Paparazzi Accessories?

 There are many options in selling Paparazzi Accessories. The most obvious, and a great way, is through home parties. Contact friends, families and neighbors. Ladies get excited about Paparazzi and love to attend! You'll get a lot of repeat customers. There are also trade shows, local events, boutiques, salons, retail stores, Local, County and State Fairs. Plus many more fun ways to spread your Paparazzi business. Find ways that work for you, your time, and your energy. Whichever direction you take I know you will have success.

Paparazzi Starter Kits

It only costs $40.00 to join my team, which then gives you access to purchase pieces at wholesale. But if you are excited and cannot wait to begin a new adventure of selling, hosting, and buying paparazzi accessories, you have the option of purchasing one of a few different packages as a starter kit. The $40.00 enrollment fee is waved if you join by ordering a starter kit.

- Small Home Party Kit - Priced at $300 you will receive: 100pcs of jewelry (no hair accessories), 50 sales bags, 25 display hooks, 25 party invitations, 25 receipts, 5 new consultant applications, 5 comp plan brochures, jewelry repair kit, and the book Building Your Paparazzi Business
- Small Home Party Kit - Priced at $300 which includes 100pcs inventory (70% jewelry, 30% hair accessories), 50 sales bags, 25 display hooks, 25 party invitations, 25 receipts, 5 new consultant applications, 5 comp plan brochures, jewelry repair kit, and the book Building Your Paparazzi Business

..There are some larger options available as well.

*Starter Kits are the best "bang for your buck!" They not only include jewelry, but other items to start your business, plus the $40 enrollment fee is waved! If you were to purchase 100 items after paying your $40 enrollment fee it would cost you $275, plus taxes and shipping, and you wouldn't get the extras included in the Starter Kit.

A Few things I LOVE about this business!! 

**When I was looking into becoming  consultant.. there were a few questions I had. I actually had never heard of Paparazzi Accessories before, and so, I had never been to a show either.. that initially made me a little nervous. One thing I love, and other people have that there is no spiel you have to give at each show. can come up with something if you wish, but really, it's just arrive at the location, set up your display, have people over and let them browse and buy! Generally there are a few light refreshments too! It is so easy.. I couldn't believe that was really it!

**I was looking into a few different business options, including my own crafts..and loved that as a consultant for Paparazzi, there was not any labor side involved.. I just have to run my business side. I mean, no buying supplies, spending time making product, labeling..all that. Everything comes ready to display. It significantly cuts down on time!

**I love that this business is so new, because that means there is a lot of room for growth! And.. that it is very open as to how you want to run things. Sure, there are guidelines and rules to follow, but mostly, it's a do it yourself business.. How you want to display the stuff, blog/websites, all that.. there is a lot of freedom in it. And, there are always people standing by to help with anything! From corporate, which is absolutely WONDERFUL, to our own little "consultant only" facebook page where we all share ideas and advice. We're our own little family, and it is awesome!


Are you excited about becoming a consultant?!!
Ready to register to be a CONSULTANT!! If you have questions, contact me today!

Ashlee Dunlap
Independent Consultant #2258

Some of this information is from Paparazzi's Corporate page.