In order to view what I have available, please see the: "My Catalog" link to the right.. Shopping by color is the easiest. What colors do you like to wear most oft?!!! The rest of the blog shows updates.. when I get new orders in, shows, etc.! Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Shopping!:)

My Story

As you now know, I am a new consultant for Paparazzi Accessories! I am so EXCITED to be able to share my journey with you here! Mostly this blog will be to showcase the jewelry and accessories and to let you see the inventory I have and the new items as they come in! There are so many cute and trendy things, and without a catalog, I wanted a wy to show you what all is available!
I joined Paparazzi Accessories October 1, 2011. I had been searching for something for a while, and looking into a few different consultant opportunities, or even just making and selling my own crafts (my craft blog: I had looked into booth rental, but realized for myself that besides running the business side of things, out of a booth rental space, I would also have to spend more time making the crafts to put in the booth which would require even more time, time I didn’t have to spend away from my family and home!) I thought, well, I am also licensed to cut hair and love it, maybe I can focus on building up my clientele there..but how when I have such a limited number of people I know, and not a lot of space to expand!
I randomly got a text from a dear friend one morning. She told me she had another friend that was involved with Paparazzi Accessories and that there was someone here in KS that is so overbooked with appts. she has to turn people away, and was looking for someone to help her out! I told her she could pass my number long, and that I was interested in looking into a bit. I had never heard of Paparazzi Accessories myself, and if it was that exciting, I figured it was worth looking in to! So, to make a long story short, I spent the next two days reading, and texting and finding out all I could about this company. I prayed about it and woke up the next day feeling so good about it all, like this was the answer I had been searching for, so I signed up that morning (October 1st)! I have been super excited and have had many confirmations since that this was a good decision! My first party was the following Thursday and the rest is history..well, future history!Smile
Wish me luck. Let me know if you are ever interested in hosting party, or would like more information on becoming a consultant! I' would love to help!

Thanks for stopping by!