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Host a Party!

1. Contact your Paparazzi Consultant and
decide on a date for your Open House.
2. Send out the invitation your consultant gives you! Invite 30 to 40 people. This will insure that you have a good turn out and earn a lot of FREE PRODUCTS!! Be sure to tell them to bring a friend!
3. Enjoy the Open House! Prepare light refreshments if you wish. Help your friends and family pick out items, encourage them to host their own party and start picking out your FREE PRODUCT for hosting such a great party! 

Hostess Rewards:
1 item- Setting a Date and Hosting your own party 
1 item- Each party booked at your party
3 item- Each Consultant signed at your party
1 item- For every 10 items sold at your party 
1 item- Having 20 or more people at your party
**Give me a call! Lets get this party started!!!**