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Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Displays

Here are a few ides and things I use for my business!


This display is made by using four pieces of peg board. Each measured 14” by 24” and some zebra Duct Tape that I bought at Home Depot (..cheapest place I have found Duct Tape) ! The head display hooks are actually tool holders in the peg board hooks area. (cheapest I have found are at Menard’s, but Home Depot matched the price, (I showed them the price from my smart phone... so don’t be afraid to ask!) !


Peg board.. measurements same as above.. shoe strung together with cording so it will still lay flat. The top and bottom come off and the peg display lays flat for traveling in my small car. The turn table is one that my dad helped me make, I got the Lazy Susan piece at Home Depot for about $5 and screwed it to the boards.

IMG_8449      IMG_8252a

IMG_8220      IMG_8227 

IMG_8234     IMG_8274

Painted pegboard. then hung with 1/4” Velcro strips from garment racks I got at Wal-Mart for about $15. I have to set it up every time I have a show which takes forever, but I don’t mind it at my craft shows.. need to find something quicker for my home shows, but I have a small car, so I need it to fold small.. this works for now!



Cases I made, love it for home shows, but wish it was taller. this one measures 2’ x 2’.. want it to measure 2’ x 3’. Screwed some 1” x 2”’s together in a frame first, then screwed pegboard onto the back, painted and put a piano hinge on the back of it and some clasps.. need to put a handle on the top still but this really works great! :)





These two are just some flat boards shoe laced together with some cording. The boards each measure 2’ X 34” 2 of them strung together are 4’ across. I just set them up at an angle so they wouldn’t fall over. I like that I can put a row necklaces w/two rows above for clips, earrings, and headbands over the top.



This is what I put together for a traveling case. Suit case and drawer divider f/Wal-Mart. Used paperclips to hang the necklaces with.     

IMG_8130      IMG_8143


IMG_8158      IMG_8159

Ring Holder

This is a spool holder. I took the stands off and painted it. I LOVE to display my rings this way! It shows them off very well!


Found these business card ($0.99) and pamphlet holders ($3.48) at Office Max. I just put them up around the display. They are fabulous!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Order In!!!

I’ll be getting each color updated soon!

Here is an overview of what I received in.. It was a very large order! If you would like to host a party and earn free jewelry, give me a call so we can set a date!!!